Black Tea

Passionfruit Jasmine 

$4 oz
Select black tea with passionfruit essence. A long lasting, sweet flavor and aroma.

Naked Pu-erh

 Naked Pu-erh stems from Yunnan, China and delivers a deep red infusion with a sweet woodsy aroma and mild earthy finish. The finish is a medium thick body with slightly floral notes and a lingering hint of honeysuckle.

Masala Chai 

$4 oz
Organic Assam tea anchored in cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices, is finely balanced.

Lychee Peach

$4 oz
Historical references of lychee date back to the Tang Dynasty in China as a favorite fruit of the Emperors. The essence of this flavorful fruit has been mixed with peach to infuse organic black tea. Steeps a sweet, fruity cup with notes of apricot, osmanthus and ripe pear.

Golden Monkey 

$6 oz
Organic Golden Monkey is picked fresh, one bud and one leaf at a time, from Keemun tea bushes in select Chinese garden.

Fredricksburg Peach 

$4 oz
Single Estate, organic leaves from India with organic peach pieces and USDA organic peach flavor.

Earl Grey Crème 

$4 oz
 Organic high grown estate tea, bergamot and French vanilla. Fresh citrus notes and a rich and robust finish.

Classic Black 

$4 oz
Bright and brisk high grown estate whole leaf Nilgiri blended with smooth rich Yunnan golden buds.


$4 oz
High grown estate Ceylon black tea, bio-dynamic Darjeeling, organic white peony, organic rose petals and a muscatel grape essence.

Biodynamic Darjeeling

$4 oz
This exquisite tea hails from one of the last family-owned tea estates in Darjeeling, India. The Makaibari estate in the Darjeeling hills of Northeastern India is home to the finest high grown Darjeeling teas and leader of biodynamic, fair trade and organic permaculture.

Assam Gold

$4 oz

From the Assam region of the flat lands of Northern India rises this incredibly smooth malty tea with lots of character. It steeps a rich golden infusion and may be steeped multiple times. For the coffee lover looking to expand his or her horizons, this is the solution.